Acrylic Key Tags

At, we've been in business since 1948. There have been many changes in real estate during those years, with the coming of the Internet and increased communication technology. However, one success factor has remained the same--the need to advertise. If you're in real estate, there are several things you can do to get your company's name off the ground.

Forming a website and maximizing Search Engine Optimization is often effective. Running promotions that encourage current customers to send you business is another option. Finally, giving a potential client something with your company's name on it is a tried and true way to spread the word about your company.

Advertise With Acrylic Key Tags
Acrylic key tags have been effective advertising items for years. Every time a potential client reaches for his or her keys, your company name is reinforced, making you the first company they think of when they require real estate services. With our clear acrylic key tags, you can make it easy for them to contact you: your business card slips inside the key tag! We also give you a supply of custom listing cards for the other side.

To get the best quality acrylic key tags on the market, turn to a company you can trust. We also carry signs, portfolios, locks and all the things the real estate community needs. We've lasted this long, folks, because we know what we're doing. Give us a call at 1-800-222-4041 to start getting the name recognition your company deserves.