Discount Shurlock Key Lockbox

Available in blue, red or black, the Shurlock key lockbox is a proven winner in the field of real estate security items. It is a simple device that is very sturdy while being quite cost-effective at the same time. Order today through and receive a discount price when you purchase more than 11--your savings will add up quickly.

The Shurlock key lockbox is a standard shackle-type lock that fits over most types of external door handles. Another of its attractive features is the fact that it requires two separate combinations to be operated. One combination allows access to the keys that have have been secured, while another will allow the lockbox to be removed from its resting place.

Discount Shurlock Key Lockbox: A Featured Product
Offering 10,000 combinations for your use, the Shurlock key lockbox comes at a discount price, but does not represent discount quality. Its combinations can be changed easily, in a matter of seconds. Simply access the combination change button and your numbers will be rearranged with a flick of your fingers. With a Shurlock lockbox, your properties will be affordably protected.

The Shurlock key lockbox is made entirely of metal and will last through years of faithful service. With its heavy grade paint, it will also remain attractive as long as you need it. As an added bonus, you'll get a free Shurlock Lever Grip with every 10 Shurlock lockboxes you buy. The Lever Grip will allow you to mount your lockbox to nearly any door handle imaginable. Call 1-800-222-4041 to find out more.