Real Estate Marketing Books

Apply proven high productivity sales techniques that can be put to work in real estate markets throughout the United States. Educate yourself through books that enumerate step-by step-processes that will help you to reorganize your approach to advertising. Learn quickly that moving property is a whole lot more than posting a sign and answering a phone.

Search the online catalog here at to find extremely popular real estate books by authors like Danielle Kennedy. She's been a best selling author of real estate how-to guides for several decades, and her advice may greatly improve your success. Order her book, How to List and Sell Real Estate: Executing New Basics for Higher Profits, to experience the best in marketing know-how.

Real Estate Marketing Books Reveal Trade Secrets
Make the most of current communication technology. You can use it all to your advantage in the world of real estate marketing, but what will benefit you most is your willingness to hustle. Let Danielle Kennedy's books show you the best way to recruit new clients by providing them with convincing arguments. Learn what a FiSBO is and how calling owner-listed properties can be a great way to increase your client base.

Read Click & Close: E-nabling the Real Estate Transaction, by John Tuccillo and James F. Sherry. This is one of our more popular marketing books geared toward the technologically modern real estate field. If you're not sure which of our books will be best for your current needs, don't hesitate to call us for advice at 1-800-222-4041.