Real Estate Marketing Magnets

At, you'll find several types of real estate marketing magnets available. Through our decades of customer feedback, we've come to learn that they work extremely well when you're visiting business offices, as they're perfect for desks. Leave your professional name somewhere with a magnet and make it stick long after you've gone.

While one of the more popular magnets we sell is the real estate calendar, several types of which are available, others make handy reminders as well. If you're not quite ready to have your own personal business card magnets made, consider our Magnoticeables, which allow you adhere your paper card. Remove a paper strip and your current card will stick, framed by a background in the shape of a house.

Real Estate Marketing Magnets Make Great Gifts
If you're ordering a set of business cards for your real estate business, you might want to think about including a set of business card magnets. They'll look exactly like your business cards, but will magnetize your marketing abilities every time there's metal near. We can even put your picture on the business card magnets, if you'd like.

Real estate marketing magnets can also be had in the form of our Ad Mags, which allow you to send a message of your choice, including the following: Just a Phone Call Away. The Ad Mags come in stacks of 50, and in addition to the message at the top of each magnetic reminder, your business card may be attached via adhesive. Call us at today to see how we can magnetically attract more clients to your business: Dial 1-800-222-4041.