Real Estate Master Calculators

With Real Estate Master calculators from, your job as a real estate agent or broker can be made much easier. Instead of having to memorize complicated formulas or specific interest amortization rates, the Master does it for you! What's really great about these wonderful electronic wizards is that they'll make the on-site sales process go much more smoothly.

Real Estate Master calculators are made especially for the real estate professional. They are programmed to automatically calculate such figures as future home values based upon standard appreciation rates. They can also figure out how much PMI insurance will cost on a comprehensive home loan. They let you keep your mind on the home and the client.

Real Estate Master Calculators--Professional Tools for Your Business
Anyone who has ever shopped for a car or a home realizes quickly how much easier the process is when the true dollar figures are available quickly. Real Estate Master calculators allow you to provide your clients with answers right away. The miracle of modern software wrapped into a small package that's far easier to transport than a laptop: It's available through

If your real estate firm is in the business of offering training to future sales associates, consider the savings we can provide. We offer substantial discounts on Real Estate Master calculators when you purchase them in bulk. We also offer a considerable range of models, in case you're after even more specialized features than the basic versions already include. Call 1-800-222-4041 for live assistance from a knowledgeable member of our staff.