Real Estate Math Books

Like any profession that deals in large amounts of currency, the real estate business teems with its own special math. At, we carry a number of popular books specially planned to educate curious readers. Whether you're moving toward a sales license or you're just brushing up your skills, some new educational books could seriously benefit your professional knowledge base.

Real estate math consists of formulas that first allow you to calculate the accurate size of homes you list for sale. When you're selling a property worth several hundred thousand dollars, the last thing you want to be is inexact with figures involving square footage. Another important component of real estate math involves financial information, which will help you to better serve the needs of your clients.

Real Estate Math Books Prepare Licensing Candidates
You may elect to purchase a copy of Linda L. Crawford's 6th edition of Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know. This book has proven quite popular with students who are ramping up their skills to prepare for the real estate agent's license exam. It presents formulas you can use to figure out just how much house your clients will be able to afford, and how much it might cost them over 30 years.

Be a more comprehensively prepared agent with a range of intellectual tools that will make your clients respect your ability. Develop further trust by demonstrating your willingness to go the extra mile with an effort toward personalized service. And experience our own personalized service when you call to place an order for books at 1-800-222-4041.