Real Estate Business Guide

Creating a real estate business guide is an innovative way for an agent, REALTOR or property manager to market his or her expertise to both buyers and sellers. Presenting credentials and past successes in an attractive, easy-to-read format helps professionals capture and retain consumer confidence and reach a wider base of potential clients.

Principles for Creating a Real Estate Business Guide

While the possibilities for the publication itself are endless, there are several proven principles it is wise to follow. The marketing materials should be engineered to showcase the agent's area of specialization, be it downtown condominiums, starter homes in a specific district or prestige properties. A brief rundown of professional credentials can be inserted where desired, and highlighting past success stories and introducing satisfied former clients through case studies are highly recommended practices.

Many professionals prefer to package the business guide along with other, more traditional marketing materials, such as calendars, key tags and refrigerator magnets. Ideally, the business guide itself can be used as a personal introduction, which is then reinforced by a more permanent keepsake. Regardless of the specifics of the adopted strategy, creative use of marketing materials is an excellent way for a real estate professional to increase his or her visibility in the community and win new clients.

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