Real Estate Market Analysis Report

The power of online marketing for real estate cannot be denied. About three-quarters of home buyers are now beginning the hunt for their next property on the Web. While agents and brokers need to act to secure a web presence if they haven't already, rushing in without proper preparation is a mistake. Savvy professionals know how to use the internet trend for gain while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.

Online Marketing for Real Estate: Things to Do and Things to Avoid

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that should be put to work on internet promotional campaigns. To maximize its potential, REALTORS should follow principles of sound link building, keep content fresh by updating it regularly and avoid overloading pages with keywords. Using keywords too many times in a single page will cause search engines to classify the content as spam and rank it at the bottom of search results, rather than the top.

While flash animation sites are trendy, they're not a good idea for REALTORS and brokers. Too many potential clients use computers that require plug-ins to view flash content, and if users don't have these plug-ins already installed, they're likely to spend time browsing competitors' pages instead. In addition, search engine spiders don't pick up keyword-oriented content contained in online flash presentations. They're of no help when creating an optimized site.

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