Real Estate Name Tags

Real estate name tags help agents promote themselves in high-traffic settings like open houses and home tours. When prominently placed and designed with contrasting colors, the badges can be noticed easily. They help readily identify agents as professionals. Badges project an image of competence and professionalism, two traits that are important to many homebuyers and sellers.

Real Estate Name Tags Promote a Professional Image to Both Current and Prospective Clients

The name tags can be customized with the agent's personal information, like name, title and managing brokerage firm. In many cases--particularly for brokerage firms operating on a national level--the firm's logo can also be imprinted on the badge. In addition, various typefaces can be used for the lettering, so that all the agent's marketing materials can be consistent in appearance.

Real estate signs are another important element in promoting an agent's business and listed properties, and they can be customized so that the graphic style matches that of the badge. The signs are kept in frames that are staked out in front of the listed property near the curb, so that they are readily visible to drive-by traffic.

Sanzo Specialties sells tags and frames, as well as a wide variety of real estate promotional items and tools. This includes key lock boxes, REALTOR apparel and brochure holders. Sanzo Specialties is available by phone at 1-800-222-4041.