Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

While you have little control over the current national housing market, veteran real estate agents know that you can identify positive trends even when the general outlook is less than rosy. For example, if the market makes it hard for families on the lower end of the income scale to secure financing and carry a mortgage, it can still be a boom time for investors. In times when qualified buyers are scarce, investors with ready capital can find beautiful properties there for the taking at very good prices.

Turn Current Housing Market Trends into Sales Leads

Real estate agents can parlay housing market trends into big business by appealing to those whom the market currently favors. For instance, at times when rates of home ownership are declining, the proportion of families renting homes rises accordingly. Rental fees then tend to increase along with demand, creating an attractive situation for prospective landlords.

One promotional strategy that resonates with investors is targeted mailings that offer a free analysis of the current local housing market trends and invite those who have questions to call for further information. Some agents are even setting up free property hotlines for prospective clients to call to get further information on property listings. These techniques can generate dozens or even hundreds of new leads, which savvy agents can turn into clients, sales and profits.

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