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Pocket Mortgage Calculators

If you're in the real estate business, a quality realtor calculator is an important tool to have on hand, and we offer a number of real estate calculators from which you can choose. Our most popular pocket mortgage calculators are in the Qualifier Plus line, including the Mortgage Qualifier Plus, the Qualifier Plus IIIfx and the Qualifier Plus III. You can also buy Armadillo Gear's Protective Pro Line hard case, which fits all three of these real estate tools as well as a number of others. We also offer the Qualifier Plus Workbook and CD combination, which is a hands-on, step-by-step familiarization tutorial for individuals wanting to learn how to use the Qualifier Plus calculators.

A home equity loan calculator such as those featured here is a must-have for brokers, mortgage lenders, loan officers and real estate agents. They're also handy for potential home buyers. You can compare and evaluate finance options, find payments, compare renting vs. buying and more or use it as a standard calculator.
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