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Solar Lid For Outdoor Brochure Boxes
Solar Lid Brochure Boxes

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Solar Lid For Outdoor Brochure Box and Card Holder

Are you already equipped with Sanzo Specialties Brochure Boxes? Order solar lids on this page!

This lid is designed for any of the following brochure holder offerings you've previously ordered:

Full directions are included with each solar powered lid

Useful Information
-The Brochure Box can be set to illuminate for 4 hours, 6 hours, or continually run until the battery is depleted to 50%.
-We recommend installing the Brochure Box as early as possible in the morning in order to get a full day's charge.
Note: The Brochure Box WILL NOT charge in the off position. The off position is for storage purposes only to preserve battery power when not in use.

Using Your Box
-Insert business cards into the business card holder and insert brochures. Then close the lid of the brochure box, allow to charge all day.
Switch Positions:
OFF Position - Far left position
Position 1 - Operates the LEDs until the battery level reaches 50%
Position 2 - Operates the LEDs for 4 hours a night
Position 3 - Operates the LEDs for 6 hours a night
Note: The Brochure Box will NOT charge in the off position. This position is for storage purposes only, to conserve battery life.

Solar Brochure Holder Not Lighting? Causes and Solutions
1) Switch is not set to and operation mode (Auto, 4 or 6)
2) Ambient light source is “tricking” the unit into thinking it's daytime.
3) Battery did not receive a proper charge (no power reserve in battery) due to weather conditions or shadow castings during the day.

1) Be sure switch is set to an operation mode and not the off position. Unit will not charge throughout the day or operate at night if the switch is in the off position. Off position should only be used when storing the unit and even then every 2 months the unit should be charged to maintain the battery life.
2) Try covering the panel completely with a dense material such as double corrugated cardboard or wood with the switch on and check for operation. If the light operates then a lighting source is affecting your unit at night. Reposition the Brochure Box to an area with no ambient light or remove the ambient light source.
3) Try placing the unit under a 500w halogen bulb (6 to 8 inches away) for one minute with the switch on then covering the panel with a dense material such as double corrugated cardboard or wood and check for operation. If the unit operates then your unit is not receiving a sufficient charge throughout the day. Cloudy/stormy weather can cause this but the number one reason for this is shadow crossings on the panel. Even the smallest bit of shadow will disable the solar panel from operating, providing no charge to the battery reserve.

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